About us

Alpha is the Swiss job portal for executives and specialists. Vacancies for executives updated daily. All the jobs for executives and specialists at a glance.

alpha belongs to JobCloud AG, the leading online company on the Swiss job market. The company is the result of the merge in 2013 of jobs.ch AG and Jobup AG. Also belong to JobCloud AG: jobs.ch and jobup.ch, respectively number 1 in German speaking and French speaking areas of Switzerland, and the portals for executives ALPHA.CHand Topjobs.

Next to alpha, JobCloud AG has also set up specialised platforms for professionals from sales, healthcare, ingeneering, ICT, banking and finance.

  • medTalents represents the job market for healthcare professionals
  • INGJobs is the comprehensive and attractive job portal for all professions in the Engineering field
  • Jobs4Sales represents the career portal for specialists in the sales field
  • FinanceJobs is the largest job platform for finance and banking specialists
  • ictcareer is the largest job platform for IT professionals

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