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Sonect connects people

“We connect people who possess cash with people who need cash.”
We are a team of payment industry experts, banking veterans, IT gurus, sales & marketing champions with a common mission: easy cash, everywhere by leveraging the power of sharing economy.

We follow three core principles:

Possessing cash means freedom. We believe that cash withdrawals should be available everywhere and to everybody. We constantly seek for new innovative ways to make our services easier and more flexible to our customers. In order to make life easier, we improve the way cash withdrawals work.

As a Swiss company, we offer our services as reliable and professional as the banks in our country – but without the typical bank attitude: We focus on the use and feel of our customers and communicate as easy as possible. To our customers, we are a reliable, solid companion through their daily life that we understand our customers’ needs.

Cash usually means social interactions. Cash connects people. We want to bring people together and build a strong community. Our goal is to let people discover local stores and businesses and help them knowing their surroundings better.

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