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Branche: Konsum-/ Luxusgüterindustrie
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Ikobeauty AG was established in January 2012 to create beauty par excellence, from concept development and product design for new brands to line extensions and private label for existing brands.

The company is defined by its ability to create and build beauty brands with USPs that enable successful market entry in an otherwise competitive industry. Our focus lies in three main areas: Brand Concept Development; Line Extension and Private Label Strategies; Market Entry.


Development of new brand concepts that incorporate concept development, brand identity and products design, product selection with USP, manufacturing with select contract manufacturers, marketing material and market entry strategy.

Our extensive network of experienced contract manufacturers, product packaging suppliers and worldwide distributors enables us to offer, create and market innovative beauty concepts that are economically feasible and marketable.


Our vast network and experience allows us to offer not only new brand concepts but also line extensions and private label products to complement or grow existing brands. Private label strategies are tailored to each client’s needs and requirements, with expert support in marketing and branding.


For our local market, Switzerland, as well as select international markets Ikobeauty executes market entry for our clients, supplying cosmetic studios, spas, pharmacies, retail and onlinestores.

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