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Research assistant position digital marketing

ETH Zürich

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Research assistant position digital marketing


The Chair of Technology Marketing at the Department of Management, Technology and Economics, ETH Zurich, invites applications for a

Research assistant position digital marketing

The research focus for this position is based on the communicating ant promoting the value of heterotrophic fungi within terrestrial ecosystems. As the dominant agents of wood decomposition, these microorganisms are central to carbon cycling in forests, and as such, the climate. We plan to establish a concerted digital marketing campaign to evaluate the best approaches for broadening people's horizons and increasing awareness about this critical process. We hope that this will lead to the development of effective conservation strategies to preserve these critical organisms. Candidates should have experience working with mycologists and forest ecologists, and have the skills to develop effective digital marketing and brand management campaigns.

We look for a highly-motivated candidate who holds a degree in digital marketing, and has experience working with mycologists, entomologists or environmental scientists. All work will require strong quantitative/analytical skills, with considerable experience handling big datasets and generating models. In addition, candidates will need to develop approaches for SEO, and brand development. Additional practical experience with digital marketing in industry will be favored.

We look forward to receiving your online application including a 1-page statement of interest, a CV, and the contact details of two references by October 31, 2017. Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.

For further information about the application or group please contact Prof. Dr. Florian Wangenheim by email, fwangenheim@ethz.ch.