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Haselstrasse 18
5401 Baden
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As one of the world’s leading players in the sector of power generation plants and components, Ansaldo Energia with the headquarter in Genoa, Italy, is a full-cycle integrated operator with the capabilities to build turnkey power plants on green field sites - using its own technology and its own independent design, production, construction, commissioning & service resources.

Ansaldo Energia Switzerland AG is located in Baden AG and hosts Technology and Product Development, Sales and Project Management for New Business and Services for the Gas Turbines GT26 and GT36 technologies.

With over 120 years of experience in power generation, our Baden site represents the technological heritage of gas turbines developed in Switzerland.

Our state-of-the-art testing facilities for large and very large gas turbines in nearby Birr, Switzerland enable us to validate our new products for a smooth market entry.

Baden, in the Swiss canton Aargau, is a place where people come together; it is a cultural and economic hub and excellent place to live.

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