Kantonsstrasse 31
6234 Triengen
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Employee CH: 800
Sector: Industry various
Revenue last year: 136 Mio.
Stock exchange: No information available
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Founded in 1887, TRISA today employs a staff of 800 and is one of the world’s foremost producers of oral hygiene, hair care and body care brushes.As a traditional leader in this industry sector, TRISA markets its products in over 80 countries on every continent. Over two hundred and fifty million toothbrushes are manufactured every year according to the strictest standards of quality (ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - OHS 18001). The export share is 96 %.

To a great extent, TRISA owes its reputation as a leader in the field of technology and successful development of new products not only to its own innovative company culture, but also to its longstanding collaboration with the world’s leading universities and dentists. Along with TRISA brand products, we manufacture private brands for multinational companies.

As employer, we practise open-mindedness – both within and outside the company. Solidarity and humanity, but also treating all our partners fairly, is entrenched in our corporate philosophy.

This creates a strong commitment to the company and a pronounced culture of trust and confidence. Only a dedicat-ed team can be sure of success in the long term. The willingness to go the extra mile, however, can only be counted on if the employees feel at home in the company and go about their work with enthusiasm. This is what our mission, basic values and principles of leadership are all about: Enthusiastic employees create enthusiastic customers!

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